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Review: Geek Girl by Cindy C. Bennett

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Title: Geek Girl
Author: Cindy C. Bennett
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Release date: 8th December 2011
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Jen's life of partying and sneaking out has grown stale. So on a whim, Jen makes a bet to turn Trevor, a goody-two-shoes geek, into a "bad boy." As she hangs out with Trevor, however, she finds it's actually kinda fun being a geek. But when Trevor finds out about the bet, Jen must fight for the things she's discovered matter most: friendship, family, and, above all, love.
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This was actually a very interesting read. In fact, I didn't expected to like it as much as I did! The thing that first catched my attention was the theme. A "bad girl" wanting to turn a good boy, bad. I thought it was something worth giving a try.

The characters were nicely defined. Jen is an orphan who has grown up constantly changing homes. She's always careful not to develop any feelings towards her adopted family and her classmates at school. After all, she never stays at the same place for long. She follows the fashion and thoughts of the goth subculture. One day, when she's bored of her everyday life, she makes a bet; she's going to turn a geek boy bad. And here comes Trevor. Oh my gosh, Trevor! A while ago I wrote somewhere that I have a soft spot for geeky, nerdy boys. TREVOR WAS ITS TRUE INCARNATION. I, plainly, absolutely, adored him.

Jen's tactic to change Trevor was, obviously, making him fall for her. Oh, boy, did I love those first moments between them. It was really like some kind of dance, and I enjoyed every second of it. But not everything goes as Jen planned. Their love was so sweet, the kind that makes you smile later on and makes you wish the guy really existed.

One of the greatest points of Geek Girl was how Jen changed. Real character change and development is one of the best things to read, in my opinion. Just when I was halfway the book I wondered how the book would end... I just had to reread the title! LOL Although somehow I hoped that she'd still dress like before, that she'd still be different in the most Lola-and-the-Boy-Next-Door kind of way.

All in all, Geek Girl is a highly enjoyable and very recommended, nice contemporary read.

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Mimi Valentine said...

SOPHIE!! Why you so convincing? ♥ I remember reading about how you weren't sure about this book because of the cover before and how it surprised you, but I had no idea that this book was this great-sounding!! I absolutely love nerdy boys too because they tend to be the sweetest, and ohmygosh I love Tyler already! Sweet romances are my absolute FAVE; that means books like this one might make it on my faves list too! ;)

BEAUTIFUL review, Sophie! I love how you described the character development, the romance, and the overall sweetness of it -- now I'm definitely going to read this book ASAP! :) ♥

Ajoop. S said...

Awww this sounds so good! The romance between Trevor and Jen sounds extremely sweet- the kind that is also exciting at the same time! And it's also SO great that there's some real character development. I love it when characters show growth and that growth is gradual yet warranted! And OH different in the Lola-and-the-Next-Door kind of way- I love the expression, haha- is a great way to put it!

I must give this a shot! Great blog, btw. It looks so pretty :)

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